Our history

Village Square Properties has been developing, re-positioning and consulting on real estate for more than 35 years. Whether as developer, investor, or distressed turnaround consultant, our portfolio includes a wealth of successful projects in the commercial and residential sectors. We’ve restored profitability to a multitude of distressed projects totaling millions of square feet of space. 

The company began operations as a general contractor, bidding competitively on school construction and other public projects, expanding to develop multifamily properties throughout the East Coast. We have operated both independently and in joint partnerships with private and public companies. 

A Tradition of Distressed Asset Consulting


The company launched a workout consultancy to financial institutions after the oil embargo of the mid-1970s, when rising interest rates and high oil prices began to trigger real estate failures. Its first engagement was as consultant to Citibank, which engaged VSP to implement an asset exchange program involving REITS and other non-performing real estate projects nationwide. In the course of its advisory services VSP took responsibility for asset recovery and turnaround through creative redesign, construction completion and innovative re-marketing/disposition of partially completed projects. We were responsible, in constant dollars, for $734 million of non-performing assets and took title to $272 million of those assets. 

The company gained national recognition in the 1980’s as a Developer when it was included in Professional Builder Magazine’s; “Giants in Housing: Annual Report,” ranking 277th among the nation’s top 400 homebuilders. VSP also earned significant local recognition when it was named lead developer for the Village of Port Chester along with its joint venture partner, a Dutch public company to redevelop the village’s entire commercial district. The project included one mile of waterfront property. 

In addition to its own construction and development initiatives, VSP continued to work extensively within the Savings and Loan sector on the turnaround and disposition of distressed shopping centers, office buildings, industrial buildings, and residential housing complexes across a range of markets, and continued its advisory work on the maximization of asset value. 

As cap rates fell to an unprecedented low level -- and with distressed asset investing sidelined -- VSP saw short-term opportunity in high-end home development in communities like Greenwich, Connecticut. By specializing in the fundamentals -- market-driven architectural design, efficient, high-caliber construction, excellence in planning, as well as superior management -- the company’s homes sold exceptionally well to a very satis ed buyer base. Recognizing that the market no longer presented a risk/reward profile consistent with our criteria, Village Square exited the development market completely in the months prior to the onset of the current economic downturn. 

Managing the Opportunities Ahead


With current market conditions presenting a vital and compelling opportunity for our skills, VSP is once again directing resources to the distressed arena. In our 35+ years as developers, builders and turnaround consultants, we have overcome the challenges of tightening economies, distressed assets, shrinking markets and owner/developer mismanagement. We understand that maximizing returns and managing risk -- particularly in today’s economy -- requires more than an ability to acquire a project at the right price. Distressed asset investing requires experience and seasoning. It requires battle testing. And perhaps most important, it requires the ability to anticipate and manage each and every component of a property’s return to profitability. 


Tony Pozzi

Founding Principal of Village Square Properties, has more than 35 years’ experience in public and private construction, real estate development, distressed asset turnarounds and ORE advisory. Leveraging his experience both as a builder and a bank consultant, he is a driving force behind the company’s success. 

Mr. Pozzi has a long and successful track record in the construction, development and turnaround of residential, commercial, and industrial properties including condominium complexes, office buildings, townhouses, single-family homes, apartments and industrial properties. In total, he has built or managed the turnaround of more than 90 projects throughout the US, including over $700 million in distressed assets for banks. 

Under Mr. Pozzi’s management, the company launched a workout consultancy to financial institutions in the mid-1970s. He was the first-ever outside real estate workout consultant to Citibank, and has also worked extensively in distressed asset advisory for the savings and loan sector. 

Joseph A. Pozzi

Joseph Pozzi is a Principal at Village Square Properties. He is actively involved in all phases of the company’s operations including acquisitions, design, finance, construction, marketing, and workout consulting. Mr. Pozzi has developed numerous real properties.

Before joining Village Square, Mr. Pozzi was a Senior Risk Analyst in Corporate Banking at the Swiss Bank Corporation. Earlier, he was a Senior Credit Analyst in the Merchant Banking Services Sector of Chrysler Capital Corporation’s Corporate Finance Group, specializing in private equity and mezzanine investment in middle market companies. He also served in Chrysler Capital’s Merger and Acquisitions business, which provided senior and subordinated debt nancing. Prior to this, Mr. Pozzi supervised audit teams at Ernst and Young L.P.

Mr. Pozzi is a Certified Public Accountant.